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Till My End Of Days

Till My End Of Days
By Rick G. Elmore the Third
Written in haiku.

So inferior
There is so much hurt with this
Complex interior

Me divided into three
Parts of a puzzle

Yet I feel no fear
Because all my love is in your
Most appealing smile

Let me stay awhile
To heal the pieces of my
Lonely, longing heart

In your loving arms
I’ve found my reason to be
Much more than I am

And so I ask that
You would always love this man
Please promise me this

I’ll give everything
To always have and hold you
Till my end of days

Never forsaking
The oath that I make this day
I’ll always love you…

…even in haiku.

"On Carolina Days" Lyrics

On Carolina Days
By Rick Elmore

North Carolina on a summer day
Watching sunsets on a bale of hay
Waiting for the stars to come and play
For a full moon with a smile on his face

Thinking of you on rainy afternoons
Driving around playing those tunes
That I picked out just for you
Over-played, but never abused

Where are you right now?
I try to reach you but there’s never a sound
I need you right here
Of all I love you’re the one I hold dear

Growing up more each and every day
Doing everything in our own ways
When time passes by, smile and wave
Like momma said, that’s how we were raised

I send you letters in hidden ways
You moved a county over, it feels like a state
And somehow things aren’t same
When you’re not here on Carolina days

Please come back home dear
Like this song says so loud and clear
Don’t stay gone so long
In all of Carolina, your love is my only home.


Loved Before

Loved Before
By Rick Elmore

Maybe a day will come
When you see that all I’ve done
Is fail more than I have won
But I did it because you’re the one
That I’ve had my eyes on
Even when I tried to run
If you know where I’m coming from
Maybe you’ll find your home
Could be here in my empty arms
Close to my loving heart
Stare into each other’s eyes like stars
Watch love create a start
For two people who were starved
By affections game of cards
Never knowing what we are
When finding love was oh so hard

Maybe our lives will change
Into something that we can take
Not for granted, but for future sake
To show the world some day
That it’s likely you’ll never break
A heart that love can’t come to aid
When storms erode emotion’s banks
Love builds a wall of grace
And some things that you will not change
Will crumble when someone shakes
The foundation on which lays
The fortress of ice you’ve made
So now, love, please embrace
These words in the deepest place
That my heart could never fake
The hope that I’ll have you all my days.

Truth now to you be known
I’ve come so far with room to grow
And with good intentions sewn
I got lost in an undertow
Of loss, pain and deep sorrow
Where only mercy could show
Me the way back to the road
Back to the way that I should go
And somewhere down that path
I found you lost in the aftermath
In equations of love’s twisted wrath
Riddled with confusion’s ash
But together we can take the past
And tie it up to the mast
Of a sinking ship that waves will cast
To the bottom of an ocean vast.

Hear me now, love, let’s not regret
Our lives before we first met
And those for whom we used to fret
Are nothing more than just steps
To a place we were meant to get
The place that our Lord did set
For you and I to always let
Our love grow strong, so don’t forget
That every time I sing for you
They are words that are absolute
And these words contain the truth
Even songs from times before I knew
That I belonged to you
Oh my darling I love you too
Even if it seems way too soon
Just know I loved you before I found you.


Revolutionary Day

Revolutionary Day
By Rick Elmore

So she grabbed the shield
And he took up the sword
Their home sat on a field
And they waited at the door.

So they walked down the street
What there was left to see
Their neighbors laid at their feet
In a city of shattered dreams.

What were we fighting for?

Did it start in a dream?
Hardened hearts that couldn’t see?
What they had left, they threw away
On Revolutionary Day.

So she held his hand
As they watched a burning land
And there they took a stand
Faced the tide, two grains of sand.

Their pictures fell from the walls
Broken doors, invaded halls
Still she stood by his side
As two free people died.

What were they fighting for?

Did it start in a dream?
Hardened hearts that couldn’t see?
What they had left, they threw away
On Revolutionary Day.

Is a man supposed to bleed?
Is that the price of being free?
What’s the cost for all your hate
On Revolutionary Day?


For 30 days… we’re going to listen to nothing but worship music. The goal: to clean out all the junk we put into our ears that clouds the mind and the heart. We’re going to go into God’s presence and invite him to join us in our daily lives when we normally don’t do so. This will be the start of Reconditioning ourselves spiritually to become more obedient and receptive vessels to God’s Word and Will for our lives. Revolution starts in the heart, but the heart needs to be cleaned of all the junk before it can be a host. Click this link to go to the event page on Facebook for more details and to join in! Starts November 1 and ends November 30. Renew Your Heart!

I’m a dreamer in life and alive in my dreams. If I’m alive in my dreams then death isn’t all that it seems. It’s for dreams that I long to sleep and if I can still dream then my body, sleep can keep. However, if life is a dream come true and my dreams all center around you, then take my body, my dreams and my sleep, I am all yours to keep, my desire is you and my dreams taught me that this notion is true.
Rick Elmore
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